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Ingenuity, Host of 2nd Startup Weekend Davao

Ingenuity to Host 2nd Startup Weekend Davao


Next weekend, starting August 9, 2013, more than 100 fresh startup enthusiasts will come together at Ingenuity, a leading firm for web and mobile applications development. Located at 1.18 Centron Building, in Quirino Avenue, Ingenuity is a new breed of software design and agile engineering team with a relentless passion for innovation and customer service.

Ingenuity, Host of 2nd Startup Weekend Davao

Ingenuity is the ideal host for this year’s Startup Weekend Davao as they’ve done a lot of exciting work for both start-ups and established firms in: healthcare, advertising, mapping, cloud-hosting, education, games, mobile apps, file-sharing, video-streaming, shopping, non-profit organizations, and more. They have built a strong reputation as the top software engineering firm in the Philippines that incorporates agile methodologies and lean startup thinking.

With Ingenuity’s goal to build amazingly-engineered products for clients who want quality, fast, and reliable results, at the 2nd Startup Weekend Davao, participants will have that same opportunity: to work together to form teams, build prototypes, refine new product ideas, and, therefore, launch quality startups. All in a 54 hour frenzy.

The “No Talk. All Action” event is happening on August 9 to 11, 2013 at Ingenuity, 1.18 Centron Building, Quirino Avenue, Davao City. Interested participants can register at